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        Hello and welcome to Andy Savage's Absolutely Andy website.
        I'm from Derby, Derbyshire, England.


        "Absolutely Andy" was created in June 2001, this menu lists all the pages that are on my existing website
        at LineOne (now ntl world) which was started in 1998, as well as new pages which are on this dedicated url.

        So bookmark this one as my site!

        Click on the button to the left of the area you want to view.

        Quality photos of Derbyshire and the Midlands area.
        Photographs of Derby and the Midlands Updated very often (sometimes daily)
        Here you can take a look at over two thousand large high quality photographs of Derby & Derbyshire and the Midlands. If you used to live in Derby then you can see how much it has changed over the years. Features panoramic photos, Old photos, Night photos and Derby Quiz, Broadband Enhanced section. Lots and lots of Videos of Derby and Derbyshire to watch too.
        This is my flagship website which is truely vast!
        Andy's guide to O2 Pay and Go Tariffs and Bolt Ons for use with your iPhone and other Smart phones.
        Are you on O2 Pay as you go? do you own and iPhone or other smartphone?, In this guide I will help you get the most out of the tariffs and Bolt-ons offered by O2 in the UK. Also how to swap between tariffs and top up your PAYG phone.
        My guide to how to connect devices to your hotel room TV.
        Did you know that the TV that is in all Premier Inn Hotel rooms can be used with your media player, Digital camera, Camcorder, games consoles etc. I will show you how to do it here.
        My guide to the newest casino in Derby, Derby Genting Club.
        On 19th November 2011 the new Derby Riverlights Genting Casino opened This casino is in the same building as Derby Bus Station, The Hilton Hotel and the Holiday Inn Hotel.
        My blog about Andrew Handyside and Friar Gate Bridge.
        Friar Gate Bridge in Derby was manufactured by "Andrew Handyside and Company of Derby and London", the aim of my blog is to make people aware of all of the things all over the world that this company has made as I don't think people in Derby realise just what an impact Derby had on the world.
        My 2016 Calendar Tutorial
        Here you can learn how to create a personalised photographic calendar for 2016 as a gift for someone. I have provided the templates for free and a detailed video tutorial on how to use Paint Shop Pro to create fancy looking months.
        Go on make someones day by giving them a personal photographic calendar.
        My Photographs
        Here you can take a look at the many photographs I have taken over the years of all sorts of things.
        My Derby Sledging Guide.
        If its snowing in Derby and you want to go sledging then check out my complete guide on where to go sledging in and around the City of Derby, Derbyshire, UK. Includes detailed map, smartphone GPS mapping links, Photographs, videos etc.
        My Music
        In the past I have composed my own music, Even had a CD on sale!. Here you can hear some of my music taht was on the CD.
        My Electronic and Software Projects
        In the past I used to design and build all sorts of electronics projects and also write software in many languages such as Z80, 6800, Visual Basic, C. This section shows some examples of things I have created in the past.
        Andy Savage's Arriva bus route map for iPhone.
        This is just a testing page for something I'm trying to create. It allows you to view a bus route map on your iPhone and click on the bus stop markers to get real-time departure times for that stop. Just playing at the moment, its not finished !!!
        Watch some of my Favourite UK Television Adverts and find out the name of the music they used etc.
        Television Adverts - My favourite ones Last Updated 01-01-2007
        Here you can watch some of the best UK television adverts and I have even listed the music they have used in them in case you like the music.
        So what was that piece of music in the Orange advert? find out here....
        Enjoy over 80 classic adverts from the past ten years!
        This section of my site started as an experiment but I never knew just how popular it would be.
        Absolutely - One of the best comedy sketch shows ever.., Do you remember it ?
        Absolutely - My tribute to this UK comedy No longer updated
        This is my section dedicated to this wonderful Scottish comedy sketch show featuring characters by Moray Hunter,Morwenna Banks,Jack Docherty,Peter Baikie,Gordon Kennedy,John Sparkes. Do you remember this program ?... welcome to Stoneybridge
        Now includes a Guest Book, So you can see just how popular this comedy was!
        Because of this website and my petition the DVD box set of this comedy is set to be released in May 2008
        Photo from 1983 of Littleover school,Derby Last Updated 12-11-2006
        If you attended Littleover School, Pastures Hill, Derby in around 1983 then you might like to look at this very good picture I have of the entire 3rd form pupils and teachers at the time. Should bring back some memories for you!
        Take a look at some of my creations here.
        My TimeLapse/Stop motion films Last Updated 01-01-2007
        Here you can watch some of my films that I have created using Time-lapse and stop motion capture methods. Fancy a laugh?, Take a look and see what you think.
        How to make a network at home, Simple instructions
        How to Network PC's Last Updated 26-01-2007
        This gives simple instructions on how to connect 2 or more PC's together at home to create a network. Share files and a printer, Play games like Unreal over it etc.
        Do you want some help installing pine cladding or info on how to renovate an old table.? Try here.
        D.I.Y. Projects & Tips Last Updated 01-01-2007
        This shows how to install speakers into pine cladding in a bathroom and how to renovate an old drop leaf dining table and chairs. Plus other DIY info.


        (C) 2001-2020 www.vasstg.com on new server.

        If you would like to learn how to paint using water colours then please visit the local website HERE.

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