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        Disclaimer/Privacy Policy

        The creator of this website 'Andy Savage' respects the rights that the certain organisations (within or associated with Channel 4 television and Absolutely Productions) have to the programme Absolutely.

        This website is a promotional medium for the programme. I have no exclusive rights to anything that was created by Absolutely Productions.
        ©Absolutely Productions, ©Channel 4 Television Limited.

        Privacy Policy & Legal information
        The whole idea of this site is to allow the many thousands of fans to have a focal point for the show. The creator of this website 'Andy Savage' respects visitors to this site and if you choose to contact me via it, I will not reveal your e-mail address to any third party unless you specifically request that I do so.
        All messages which are received via my website are vetted for suitability before being uploaded to the website.

        Terms and conditions
        This is a non-profit making website.
        The 'direct linking' to video clips, Sound files and Images on the server from forums or other websites is not permitted. Analysis of the daily web statistics will reveal this type of activity. You may however link directly to any of the main pages on the site.
        The selling of Absolutely merchandise of any kind via any part of the site including the forum is not allowed.

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