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        Absolutely Petition
        Sign this NOW to show your support for getting Absolutely released in full on DVD.

        Andy's petition to get Absolutely
        Released in full on DVD or TV!

        The voices of many fans CAN make a difference, if you speak up now
        Please sign this petition now, the more feedback I get the better!.
        Please try and give detailed reasons why you think Absolutely should be repeated or released on DVD.
        To sign it, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down menu. This petition, along with the Guestbook which has been in use since 2001 were submitted to both Absolutely Productions & CH4 in summer 2005. But please keep the comments coming in as the struggle is not over yet. You never know, you may be watching the Absolutely Box set DVD's sooner than you think!

        Have you seen the Absolutely NEWS page about the DVD release ?

        There are many pages of Absolutely Petition comments mady by fans, use the arrow below to view the previous page of comments about the great comedy sketch show Absolutely.

        I think the series should be released in full on DVD simply because it's very funny and innovative.

        I watched them all when originally broadcast and every episode was really good and never disappointed.

        Barry Peal
        Angus, U.K.

        I have both videos and am trying to replace my video collection with DVDs.  I want to be able to buy the DVD of this show.

        Valerie Laughlin
        Clackmannanshire, Scotland

        I grew up on this!!! was on air when I was 13-16. Love this show and was looking for it online constantly. Sharp, Funny, GOOD!

        I want it I want it I want it! (so does my mom and two sisters!)

        Ori A.
        Tel Aviv, Israel

        Absolutely is a forgotten gem, containing some of the most original, left-field and hysterically funny sketches and characters I've ever seen.
        I simply cannot understand why we can't see this, either as a TV repeat or better as a complete box set. (I have a theory that there are concerns that you could never search for it online, without getting Absolutely Fabulous first followed by a million other sites).
        I desperately want to see Frank Hovis (on the lavatory), Don & George, Albert Bastard and Stoneybridge Town Council again, I miss them. It was also interspersed with truly great one-offs - the smug pianist and the surgeons dancing to All Things Bright & Beautiful.
        I could eulogise all night but I will run out of space. If the original tapes exist, they can be recorded to DVD very cheaply and just sold to us poor nutters who have signed up to this petition - I need no fancy packaging, I just want to see one of the best kept secrets in comedy again...please. Oh it's so degrading to have to beg. I will place an order here & now for a dozen copies of the full series for myself and all my friends who remember. I don't want to stop writing until they (whoever they are - are Don & George running C4?) agree!!!!! But I will. Now. Ish.
        Come on, now. Oh, arse.

        Jon Ryder-Oliver
        Wimbledon, London, UK

        When will this (the funniest thing since Monty Python) be released on DVD please I have been having withdrawl symptoms since my teenage years.

        Scott Johnstone
        Scotland (not sadly however Stoneybridge)

        Look at some of the utter s**te that's been released on DVD and they missed out on this classic series? Its criminal!

        Paul Connolly
        Ayrshire, Scotland

        Come on C4. What the hell is wrong with you.
        The best programme you have ever aired and it can't be bought on DVD?
        Get it sorted.
        I would buy them.

        Anthony Armes
        Isle of Wight

        Bring it out on DVD please  !!!!!

        G. Cowen

        In the words of the Nice family: "Why oh why oh why..."

        I can't understand why one of the (at the time) most popular comedy programmes on TV hasn't been released on DVD.

        Discussing and acting out the sketches in the playground was a part of my and many others' childhoods, in the same way that in the past people would discuss the latest episodes of Hancock's Half Hour and Monty Python and more recently The Office.

        The comments and people on here are just a small section of the people who would love to see Absolutely on video. Please help!!

        Munich, Germany (originally Bradford, UK

        Bring it back!


        Brilliant comedy - I still keep remembering it and never forget it's title... proof enough that it must have been great. I cannot believe it is not on dvd!.. but was it ever released on VHS?

        Please bring it out !

        Vince Bovill
        Sunderland u.k.

        Come on channel 4 get to grips with yourself's what was wrong with absolutely?
        me, my dad thought it was a brillant 4 series so bring it back one way or another. made us laugh anyway. good luck andy keep the good work up. Get some proper comedy back on our screen's

        Chris Hartley
        Padiham, Lancashire

        Not having available the full series of episodes to this highly original show shows a lack of understading of the popularity and near cult status that the show has engendered.

        Channel 4 take notice if nothing else this is a business opportunity that is being missed.

        Notwithstanding the ability to return a smile to many faces.

        Andrew Simpson

        'Absolutely' simply must be released on DVD. Used to watch it every week with my brothers as a youngster and  brings back so many good memories seeing some of the clips again. It's no less funny seeing it now than when it first aired. There would be a great demand for this om DVD for those folks in their late 20's and above - so please - do the right thing and release it.

        Aberdeen, Scotland.

        Hello. Got a clip sent to me on my facebook. Thought it was hilarious. Think it should definitely be put on dvd! We need more funny stuff like this!
        Lots of love.

        Catie Lind
        Glasgow, UK

        This has got to be the funniest comedy series ever, Ii never missed an episode, and avoided going to the pub with my mates so I could watch it. The sad thing is nobody knows what I'm talking about whenever I mention any ofthe characters.
        To good in life to be forgotten in Death

        N Ireland

        I just cant understand why this hasn't been re-issued - there is so much rubbish out there, and this is just quality comedy.

        Nick Clark
        Maidstone, kent

        Hi, Great site. I only searched for Absolutely as I had been discussing it with a work colleague and was amazed that someone else used to watch it!! We were howling remembering  the characters and bits of sketches!! I have been searching for a DVD but but was saddened to read here that there isn't one!! I did have many on VHS taped from TV but I cannot find them,,,,aaarrgghhhh!!
        It needs to be repeated as it would still stand up against most of the best TV comedy has to offer.
        Good luck!!

        Matt Reid
        Walsall, West Mids, UK

        I love absolutely.  It is still very funny today, hasn't dated and has aged well. It is one of those comedies you can watch repeatedly and there is nothing else quite like it.
        I would definatley buy it if it were avaliable on dvd.
        What a waste and a sad loss that it is so neglected.

        mrs Armitage_berry

        One of the funniest, groundbreaking comedies ever. I managed to pick up the vido's earlier in the year but my PAL video player has decided to give up so I need the DVD's!!!!!!!

        Calgary, Canada

        Sadly I am not old enough to remember Absolutely when it was on T.V originally, but was overjoyed to find the clips on the web. This is comic genius of the very highest level and it is so sad that this type of comedy no longer exists. It is essential that we keep this show alive by forever preserving it on DVD, and we can show future generations what comedy really is all about.

        Stirling, Scotland

        Absolutely was ground breaking at the time. I certainly can't remember a sketch show that had such a high level of character comedy in it. I'm certain it must have paved the way for shows such as Alan Partridge, Black Books and Father Ted, where the comedy is mostly in the subtle or not so subtle nuances of the characters. Also for other sketch shows like Smack the Pony. It was also quite surreal, which was unusual at the time. And of course, some of the words and catchphrases have entered the common language (well amongst people I know anyway). It's true, it is!

        And above all else, it was really really funny. And I'd love to be able to share it with other people and spread the good word of Absolutely.

        Lucy Black

        Hi there

        I would love to own Absolutely on DVD.  I used to spend hours watching it on TV and my oldest two children are now of an age where I think they'd really appreciate it!

        It's criminal that it's not been released - just as bad as the fact we can't get Stressed Eric on DVD either!!  I'm sure sales would be very strong so it should be released without further ado!!

        All the best
        Bonnie Scotland - just East of Stoneybridge!!!

        Absolutely makes me laugh, laughter is the best medicine. I dont know anything more than that really. I would love to see Absolutely again because I remember belly laughing at every sketch. I tell my niece about Denzil and his wife's chicken skin shoes, she's never seen it as she's only 19 but I would love her to see all the sketches. I know her life would be so much better for seeing it.
        I desperately need it for my old comedy dvd collection.

        Janice Harrison

        Absolutely; absolutely. It appears quite odd that a sketch show of such originality seems to be lost forever.

        Wake up Channel 4, there is a huge market for a DVD of all the individual episodes.

        Absolutely Brilliant! I first see the series on channel 4 one night around 1989.. and I thought it was great. It gave me and my friends at school some great one liners for the rest of that year. My girlfriend's mum was particularly impressed that i remembered it recently too (especially since i'm not Scottish) 
        I haven't had time to read everyone else's comments here, although i'm sure i will join the chorus of "give us DVD!"
        I noticed Virgin TV were showing series I & III on their TV On Demand choice recently, but sadly not the second series for some reason..

        Nathan Eighty

        Please issue absolutely on dvd. I was researching Morwenna Banks after hearing a clip on the radio and came upon Andys great site. I had forgotten how many great characters came from the show. Little girl, john sparkes many characters and of course mr Don and mate.

        Steven Dawson
        Bristol uk

        If i'm correct and my memory serves me right (dodgy), i think it was on "absolutely" that i saw probably one of the funniest sketches of all time, and i'm a huge "monty python" fan!
        It was two  blokes in a flat that was an absolute mess and both of them were slobbed out on sofa and chair. Neither of them could in the least bit bothered moving and kept on using all manner of tools and things to get what they wanted, ie along stick to turn the tv over. This kept on going and it just got funnier and funnier as the sketch went on until finally the room was totally trashed and a wooden table chair was thrown through the glass front door just to let someone in....effing brilliant and I loved it and would love to see that and all the other stuff cos it was that good, but my memory of it is vague. So good luck

        David Shilton
        English but currently living in Utrecht, Holland

        It was undoubtedly the funniest comedy series on at the time, and still makes me giggle when I hear anyone talking about it.  The sketches about Stoneybridge and its bid for the Olympics were absolute class, such bad acting but at the same time bloody good acting!!  Give us it on DVD so we can relive it, or at least repeat it on telly (including Scotland).

        Gail Russell

        I would love to have Absolutely on DVD - it was by far the best comedy show of it's era!

        Alan Russell
        The Yetts O' Muckhart

        I think Absolutely should be released in its entirety on DVD.

        It was one of the finest comedy series produced on CH4 TV - the catchphrases are still commonly used in our family !

        Niall Russell
        Dalgety Bay, Fife, Scotland (just down from the Yetts of Muckhart)

        With the amount of substandard unfunny 'comedy' that gets endless repeats and dvd releases it is a scandal, mystery and indeed TREGEDY that Absolutely lies lost in the archives, apparently unnoticed and unloved. At its best it was hilarious, surreal and timeless in its humour and I cannot understand why it has never been repeated. Thanks Andy for your sterling work and MAKE ABSOLUTELY AVAILABLE FOR US ALL TO LAUGH AT AGAIN!!!

        ...Oh, and Mr. Don and Mr. George too please,

        Josef Taheri

        Way ahead of its time. Some of the ideas have been stolen/developed by others, and used in other "more successful" sketch shows, such as the Fast Show.
        You just have to check how the Absolutlely videos shift on ebay to know that this programme has a cult following, and that interest in the show still remains.
        We would all love the chance to see series 1-4 in full once again.

        Andy Gurvan
        Dundee, Scotland

        Absolutely should be released on DVD immediately because it's bloody brilliant!  Have you seen the popularity of it on youtube? Hmmmmmm?????
        Get it sorted or we'll send McGlashan round.

        Ali Frame
        Luss (which is quite near Stoneybridge Actually),  Scotland.

        Absolutely was one of the funniest tv shows ever with a wealth of charachters, this has to be released on dvd!!!!!

        feargal mellon
        Derry, Ireland

        I first saw Absolutley when I was about 16...  My parents had recorded about 6 episodes off the TV onto VHS.  I was instantly hooked.  It is quite simply the funniest sketch show since Monty Python's Flying Circus and there has been nothing to match it since.  I have only ever seen the 6 episodes that were recorded so I am desperate to see the rest.  I am so pleased that this petition is here and I really hope that the Absolutely team will soon be available to buy on DVD...
        Bring on Frank Hovis! 

        Robyn Sharpe
        Portsmouth, Hampshire

        It is grossly unfair that DVDs of vastly inferior comedy series, both homegrown and imported, are readily available, while "Absolutely" is not.

        It has the merit of being able to be enjoyed both by adults and children, my pre-teen sons loved it when it was originally shown, and even today have fond recollections of  many of the sketches.

        In my opinion, the market for a DVD of the entire series would be substantial, and I urge Channel Four to waste no time in getting this done.

        Murray MacLeod
        Edinburgh, Scotland

        Sir, I give you huge praise in your efforts to get this amazing show released on DVD in full.


        1. Well, I was fourteen when the show started. The perfect age in my opinion. I had never known a programme before, or since for that matter, that got the ENTIRE playground talking the next day.
        That, and History lessons being constantly interrupted with a cry (at top volume) of 'STONEYBRIDGE!' whenever the teachers back was turned. It was all good though, as he was a huge fan too.

        Surely it is a sin to deny the generations to follow the opportunity to share in the joy we had? And I really do mean that sincerely.

        2. McGlashan is a God. Simple.

        Keep up the good work. I'm so chuffed that I found your site, and I will now be a frequent visitor.

        Aberdeen, Scotland

        I grew up watching this programme; it reduced my friends and I to tears on many ocassions and all I have left to remind me is the 'Words' book and one series taped from the TV.
        Like many alternative comedy shows, some scenes were poor and actually left me baffled as to what was supposed to me funny and yet two seconds later I could be falling off my chair helpless with mirth! Needless to say, there were more cases of the latter scenario!!
        This programme must be repeated / committed to DVD so future generations can enjoy the genius of this show and laugh at 'laughing man' and 'Frank Hovis' as much as my friends and I. An underrated comedy gem in my opinion.

        Dave O'flynn
        Canterbury, Kent. UK

        How can we be exposed to mountains of imported American tripe on DVD when we had a superb home-grown product in 'Absolutely' that until now has not had that privilege?

        Come on Channel 4 - get your fingers out and bang the entire output on to DVD. There's a whole generation growing up on unfunny Yank comedy who'd bite your hand off for 'Absolutely'. Repeat on TV first then follow up with the DVDS - simple. If they think Catherine Tate and Little Britain is the best we can do, funny though they may be, they will go nuts for this - guaranteed!

        Paul Davison

        "And the Stonyebridge highland games will be held in the Yett's O' Muckart!"
        Since Yett's is just up the road from where I live there should be no other reason for this not to be released on DVD!!!!

        Seriously though, this serious was a great success when I was growing up and followed in the steps of BBC's Naked Video ( which is available on DVD). Then in the same vein Chewin the Fat (which is also available on DVD), clearly scottish comedy as sketch show series are successful, so why not Absolutely??

        Aran Durham
        Valencia, Spain

        Well if the Fast Show is on DVD, then Absolutely should be. The former owes the latter an awful lot. As does Father Ted.
        It's the first TV comedy I really remember other than Scotch and Wry hogmanay specials. Oh and it's still really, really funny.

        Alan Thomson
        Glasgow, Scotland

        I watched Absolutely when it was originally aired. I feel it is as funny now as it was then despite the number of years that have passed and still find myself talking about it with friends. I would like to buy the DVD to show my children so they can enjoy it also. Good luck

        Geraint Edwards
        Treharris, South Wales, UK

        I saw some clips on YouTube and the scetches are hilarious.  I would certainly like to buy a DVD of all or some of the shows. 

        Good luck in your quest to have them created and placed on the market.

        Mary K. Allen
        West Virginia, USA

        One of the funniest sketch shows ever. Intelligent comedy and not reliant on mindless repetition of catch-phrases as seems to be the fashion these days. Memorable characters with great social comment without being up their own 'jacksies'.
        I've been keeping an eye out for a video of these guys for years and it will indeed be a happy day throughout the land when one is released. The sooner the better! Thank you.

        Ian McGregor

        Haven't seen this show since it was first aired - have't laughed so much since then. - Bring it out on DVD ASAP.

        Showed some peolpeclips on Youtube and they are converted man. Even my 9 yr old son thinks it's hilarious - especially Calumn Gilhooley and the Stoney Bridge town Council.

        You guys are missing a trick to make a right few quid!

        S. MacVicar

        My mates and I used to laugh all week about every episode. This was a gem of a show and it would be a pity to see it end with VHS.
        If this comes through sign me up for one of the first copies.
        Cheers Andy for your work on this and your a big part of my time on YouTube.

        A' ra best.

        Eric Thomson
        Toronto, Canada

        I think that it is a real shame that such a brilliant series as Absolutely isn't available on DVd at the moment also I believe that channel 4 would certainly get a good audience for this show if it were to be repeated on one of their channels.  The quality of acting and script writing is of a very high standard and something that Channel $ and the Absolutely team should be proud of.  it would be great to see the spin off series Mr Don And Mr George as well. 

        Ally Parley
        Glasgow Scotland

        I loved this show when it was first broadcast and think it's a shame that it seems to largely have been forgotten.  If it was repeated my workmates would be spared my terrible impression of Shadwell and cries of 'I can't stand here talking to you -
        I can't stand you!' - please spare them further embarassment.

        Lily Smith
        St Helens, UK

        Release it on DVD because it is so very funny.

        Nathanael Inkson
        Cardiff. UK

        This has to be the best comedy sketch show ever!!! I can still laugh out loud when I remember some of the sketches. Thats quite an achievement considering I haven't seen it in about 14 years. No other show has ever had that impact on me, in fact many new sketch shows don't make me laugh even a little bit when I watch them!
        I would really, really love to have Absolutely released on DVD so that I can watch them over and over again and also so I can introduce my partner to it as he didn't watch it when it was on TV (more fool him!)

        Lorna Mather
        Bishopton, Scotland

        I think it's a disgrace that the comic TV gem that is "Absolutely" hasn't made it to DVD sooner! It ran for 4 series, so there's definately an audience out there. A lot of TV programmes that only made it to one or two series have made it to DVD why not this. I have to stipulate that if "Absolutely" were released, the brilliant spin-off series "Mr Don and Mr George" must be released to. It still cracks me up!

        David Brookes
        Cheltenham, UK

        Absolutley was absoultley fantastic.

        Tanya Buirds

        Loved this series when first shown and would love to see it again - would definitely add box set to my collection.

        Gordon Anderson
        Stirling, Scotland

        arguably most of its now on youtube, however. id spend 20 quid a DVD happily to watch them all on my telly.I remember this site from when I was 15, and it has been the foundations of my modern sense of humour. I now live abroad and would love to share the show with family and friends.

        It was one of a kind and definately underrrated, give it a re-run  and watch the viewer stats.

        Good luck !


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