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        A page with downloadable sounds

        Simply click on a link to download into your media player.
        All samples are recored as MP3 files and should play on all systems.
        All MP3's are recorded at 22KHz, 64KBps, Stereo.
        Sound Link - Just click on a title below Play time / Filesize

        Little Girl - How Telephones work

        2 min 13 Sec / 1Mb

        Gwyn - Pair of Shoooze

        2 min 37 sec / 1.2Mb

        Sensible Hair Song from series 2 episode 3

        2 min 15 sec / 1Mb

        Stoneybridge - Olympic Games jingles

        32 sec / 252Kb

        Alex Horsburgh interviews Pete Baikie on Festival FM's drivetime show during the 2005 Edinburgh Festival. Transmitted on Festival FM 27th Aug 2005.
        I would like to thank Alex Horsburgh of Cowdenbeath for providing the original recording of this show, which I have edited down for this website.

        56K users may prefer to right-click and save target as on the following file as its large.

        Pete Baikie interview on Festival FM

        8 Min 35 sec / 2.40Mb

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