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        Absolutely Video Clips - DivX
        Another batch of video clips from the show, these in DivX format for Broadband users.

        These video clips are provided free to download and watch. You will need the Divx codec to watch these. Divx is Free and can be downloaded from www.divx.com The download is 14Mb, during the install I recommend you only tick DivX codec and MPEG4, remove ticks from all other options, also untick the google toolbar and don't install the google desktop.
        If media player shows connecting... followed by Downloading codec and then a warning saying unable to play then this is because you have not installed the Divx codec. If you like what you see here then please sign my petition to get this show released on DVD, use the link HERE and select 'Petition comments' from the drop down.
        Is there a clip of the show you would like to see me add to this page? If there is, then please get in touch giving as much detail as possible, use the Episode Guide to locate the series and episode then use the contact page and set Query type to "Video Clip - Request"

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        and save to har disk to play.
        Description for video clip
        Title : McGlashan - Scotland/England Border.
        Clip length : 30 seconds
        Filesize : 1.55Mb (Divx)
        Featured in : Absolutely - Series 3, Episode 1
        Comments : A classic one, Much requested video clip of McGlashan at the Scottish border with England.
        Title : Protesters - Were quite happy.
        Clip length : 2 Minutes 46 seconds
        Filesize : 8.64Mb (Divx)
        Featured in : Absolutely - Series 2, Episode 1
        Comments : I wouldn't mind a blender
        Title : The enviromental Song - I don't care.
        Clip length : 2 Minutes 11 seconds
        Filesize : 6.89Mb (Divx)
        Featured in : Absolutely - Series 3, Episode 7
        Comments : Great animation on this song.
        Title : Sports day at the Day Centre.
        Clip length : 2 Minutes 30 Seconds
        Filesize : 7.70Mb (Divx)
        Featured in : Absolutely - Series 3, Episode 1
        Comments : This is so non PC, But you can't help but laugh.
        Title : McGlashan - Reading the news and sport.
        Clip length : 2 Minutes 48 Seconds
        Filesize : 8.87Mb (Divx)
        Featured in : Absolutely - Series 3, Episode 6
        Comments : McGlashan manages to get his own way by reading out the news how HE thinks it should be done!
        Title : Frank Hovis - Caught short in a taxi!
        Clip length : 2 Minutes 58 Seconds
        Filesize : 9.26Mb (Divx)
        Featured in : Absolutely - Series 3, Episode 2
        Comments : Poor old Frank has a problem in a taxi.
        The poo had the weight advantage, coiled up and hissing.

        Other video clips featuring Moray Hunter, Morwenna Banks, Jack Docherty, Peter Baikie, Gordon Kennedy and John Sparkes.
        Title : Mr Don & Mr George - Freddy bobs
        Clip length : 2 Minutes 31 Seconds
        Filesize : 7.81Mb (Divx)
        Featured in : Mr Don and Mr George - You ate my future (aired on Ch4 in Summer 1993)
        Comments : This clip features a very young looking Ben Miller (of Armstrong and Miller fame). This six part 30 minute series was based on the two characters Moray Hunter and Jack Docherty created in Absolutely, Music was of course provided by Pete Baikie.
        Title : Up The Usher - Frank Hovis singing
        Clip length : 1 Minutes 50 Seconds
        Filesize : 5.71Mb (Divx)
        Featured in : Up the Usher, filmed Sunday 1st December 1991 at 8pm in Edinburgh.
        Comments : This clip features Frank at his best. For more info on the Up The Usher video, see the did you know page.
        Title : Mac
        Clip length : 2 Minutes 39 Seconds
        Filesize : 8.19Mb (Divx)
        Featured in : MAC
        Comments : I would like to thank Scott Millar for providing this rare clip. A sitcom pilot from BBC Scotland in 1995.
        The cast members were Jack Docherty as Mac,Gordon Kennedy as Findlay, Nick Hancock as Van Webster,Elaine Collins as Aileen and Primrose Milligan as Mrs Hunter.
        Title : Squawkie Talkie - Job situtation in Scotland
        Clip length : 2 Minutes 52 Seconds
        Filesize : 8.96Mb (Divx)
        Featured in : Squakie Talkie
        Comments : This show of six thirty minute episodes was aired May to June in 1995 (2 years after Absolutely). Created by John Sparkes and Pete Baikie.
        It was a comedy sketch show made out of clips of wildlife footage edited together. In this clip we see birds complaining about the unemployment situation in Scotland.
        Title : Frank Hovis Pub Quiz.
        Clip length : 1 Minutes 8 Seconds
        Filesize : 3.57Mb (Divx)
        Featured in : Frank Hovis's Pub Quiz on 4th March 2005
        Comments : Unless you live in Wales you probably have never seen this program. I managed to see it once on BBC2W. This channel is available on SKYTV channel 961

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